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How LENSEC supports our partners and customers

We are committed to providing the best support experience possible for our customers and integration partners. This begins with our promise to provide an intuitive and logical user experience within our software applications. It continues with certification procedures and best practice implementations for our installation and integration teams and partners, and it is realized with our industry-best support tools for our end customers, ensuring we meet our number one goal for our organization, which is:

Providing our customers with the highest level of quality and support to meet their individual needs.

In support of our expanding customer community, LENSEC's Customer Service Team has adopted a policy of continuous self-evaluation and improvement, constantly integrating the feedback from our customers into the service process. With the development of Active Monitor, our customer service team has the ability to continually perform real-time diagnostics on each of our customers' systems. Receiving notification within moments of a trouble event, we utilize advanced diagnostic techniques to ensure quick resolution for all technical issues.

Based upon the proven foundation of our customer response management tools, LENSEC's policies enable our staff to access, track, escalate and resolve issues from anywhere in the world. Automated escalation rules have been defined to route any high priority issues directly to LENSEC senior management.

You can rely on LENSEC to deliver not only leading software solutions but also peace of mind with proactive monitoring, technical support, system maintenance and repair to ensure the highest reliability and success of LENSEC systems.

LENSEC's Service & Support Center continually monitors and updates client surveillance systems to ensure the following:

  • All cameras and servers checked every 10 minutes
  • Over 96% of all problems fixed remotely within 15 minutes
  • Automatic software updates
  • Yearly server replacement program
  • Reporting availability
  • On-site service and support
  • Standard and extended warranties available

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