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LENSEC understands the importance of protecting the nation's critical infrastructure, and provides a range of technical solutions to help municipalities and government agencies ensure the highest levels of security.

Our web-based IP video surveillance systems are tailored to meet the individual needs of agencies and cities. These solutions often require the right balance of infrastructure including wired and wireless networking, megapixel or infrared imaging camera technologies, and sensitive audio recording.

LENSEC specializes in helping its customers get the highest return on their video network investment by tying all of the individual pieces together into a common user interface. Perspective VMS™ from LENSEC provides integrated enterprise security that is affordable and scalable.

Within the software an easy-to-operate display panel places functions in convenient locations. Frequent use of graphics and visuals—including overlays, video thumbnails, maps, and pop-ups—familiarize users to the intuitive design. At the same time, administrators and technical staff are attracted to its diagnostic alerts, user and component reporting, and open architecture platform for integrating future hardware and software devices and systems.

LENSEC also helps agencies ensure that they find the right solution through a competitive bid process. The company has listed solutions on several cooperative schedules including GSA and TCPN.

The company's installation of IP video surveillance is also in line with technology acquisition standards. Most cameras can now connect using Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches that are common-off-the-shelf components for any IT department. Even remote areas, such as parks or transportation hubs, are accessible using wireless nodes. Moreover, as a city-wide installation stretches to encompass several buildings or sites throughout a region, LENSEC can provide multi-site access allowing administration from a single Fusion Center or operations hub.


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