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LENSEC has more than a decade of experience as a trusted security and surveillance partner and advisor, with over 1,500 video monitoring software and security camera surveillance software systems in 30 states. From K12 / K-20 education and campus safety to critical infrastructure, LENSEC develops complex video surveillance software systems and strategies tailored to your security needs.

Off-the-shelf or outside the box, Perspective VMS™ is remarkable, capable, and customizable. Video surveillance software systems built on the PVMS unified security platform range from a simple one-camera / single-site management interface to a multi-site monitoring solution that integrates disparate security technologies. The result is IP video surveillance solutions with enhanced real-time situational awareness providing the ability to monitor live or recorded video from anywhere in the world. LENSEC's Perspective VMS fulfills the requirements for any standardized surveillance application as well as those critical needs outside the norm.

Don't box yourself in. Experience the power of Perspective.

- PVMS Brochure

- PVMS Booklet

- PVMS Users Guide

- PVMS Administration and Installation Manual

- PVMS Installation Quick Reference Guide 2.5.0

- PVMS Version 2.7.3 Release Notes

- PVMS Version 2.6.0 Features List

- PVMS Version 2.5.1 Supported Cameras

- PVMS A&E Specification

Perspective VMS™ (Features and Benefits)

Video Archives

  • • Enhanced Interface for intuitive retrieval using timeline navigation
  • • Multi-stream video feeds for side-by-side forensic analysis
  • • Share view feature for real-time collaboration and team review
  • • Event tagging for fast search and retrieval
  • • FastFind™ search feature for finding video evidence quickly
  • • Speed searching up to 32x for scanning video over time
  • • Quick extract tool for off-loading video
PVMS Archive Viewer

Multi-Level/ Multi-Site Mapping

  • • Real-time situational awareness
  • • Unlimited cameras, sites, and maps
  • • Intuitive camera dock with drag and drop functionality
  • • Custom configure maps
    • Interactive navigation pans and zooms the map image
  • • View unlimited sites across a distributed architecture
  • • Interactive device integration for real-time status reporting
PVMS Mapping View

Camera Viewer

  • • View any camera from remote sites
  • • Virtual Pan-Tilt-Zoom on any camera
  • • Pause/Rewind any live camera
  • • Quick record live video
  • • Events panel receives live notifications
  • • Search the system for camera or event locations
PVMS Multi-View
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