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Kellick Provides Product Experience and Leadership to the VMS Manufacturer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Houston, TX, USA – Thursday, September 1, 2016
LENSEC, the manufacturer of Perspective VMS™, has recently named Jeff Kellick to the newly created position of Chief Product Officer. He is responsible for oversight of LENSEC’s products, software utilities, and development operations.

LENSEC recently announced plans to build their brand and portfolio into a strong global presence in the physical security industry. Assigning Kellick as the CPO is a key part of the overall plan. Under Kellick’s leadership, LENSEC continues to develop their flagship product, Perspective VMS.

LENSEC Chief Executive Officer Marianna Leybovich says Kellick brings extensive product knowledge and experience in the physical security market to LENSEC. Leybovich adds, “Jeff has been instrumental, not only in product development and delivery but also as a valuable member of LENSEC leadership in the company’s continued growth and transformation. I am confident in Jeff’s abilities as our CPO. I’m counting on him to drive product excellence, customer satisfaction, and LENSEC’s success.”

Kellick has been with LENSEC since 2009 holding roles in sales and product management. With over 16 years of security industry experience, Kellick continues to focus on the specific needs of the customer. He adheres to a development strategy using agile principles and a Scrum framework
incorporating validated feedback from customers and users.

Kellick studied political science at Johns Hopkins University as well as computer science and secondary education at Shippensburg University. He is a Certified Security Project Manager (CSPM®), a member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), and the Security Industry Association (SIA).

LENSEC recently announced their acquisition by JValley Software Solutions. The leadership is implementing plans to grow product awareness and the global reach of Perspective VMS. Kellick is instrumental in developing a strong video management software that advances the capabilities of security technology.

Kellick says, “Management of security-related data is critical to today’s infrastructure. Having a videocentric platform that scales to the customers’ needs is essential. This applies to extreme situations involving life safety as well as day-to-day routine operations. At LENSEC, we strive to always learn from
customers’ requests. This allows us to iteratively develop an agile, easy-to-adopt platform. We aim to help users efficiently perform necessary tasks with relevant information for employing critical actions and decisions.”

Perspective VMS is a powerful video management software that supports multi-site monitoring of live or recorded physical security video. PVMS is currently deployed in notable physical security projects in the United States, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, and India.

LENSEC will be attending the ASIS International 2016 Exhibit in Orlando, Florida in September. Kellick and the LENSEC team will be demonstrating Perspective VMS for security integrators and customers. Team members will be available at Booth #3051 to answer questions about PVMS or the company’s plans for growth.

Contact: Keith Harris, Marketing Manager, (713) 395-0800, kharris@lensec.com, www.lensec.com


JValley Software Solutions Assumes Ownership of VMS Manufacturer

HOUSTON, TX - August 10, 2016 - LENSEC, the manufacturer of Perspective VMS™, has recently been acquired by JValley Software Solutions. The companies have a long history of working together. JValley software engineers have worked on software code with the team at LENSEC for many years. The teams have been developing Perspective VMS into an enterprise-level video management software for application in the IP security video market. JValley Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of LENSEC, Basheer F. Al Ghazawi, believes the companies have many strengths that will be built into a strong global presence in the physical security industry.

Al Ghazawi says, “I see this step as a natural move that will aid in the continuous growth of both companies. LENSEC has secured a number of notable projects within the United States. JValley Software Solutions is a successful distributor of Perspective VMS in the Middle East and North Africa region.  I believe as a cohesive team we will extend the global reach of Perspective VMS.”

LENSEC was established in 1998 and pioneered IP security video in the early days of video management software. The company built a reputation as a trusted security partner with experience in the United States and around the world. LENSEC has strong expertise working with commercial properties, government agencies, healthcare, K-12 schools, higher education, airports, oil & gas, critical infrastructure, shipping ports and more.

JValley was established in 2007 and has become a proven partner to businesses needing software products, services, and solutions. The company maintains a professional team with an uncompromising spirit of technical leadership and customer support.

LENSEC contracted JValley Software Solutions in 2008 to provide ongoing development resources. The result is a better video management software with powerful features. Perspective VMS is marketed internationally by LENSEC with JValley serving as a key distributor.

Marianna Leybovich, LENSEC Chief Executive Officer, says, “JValley and LENSEC have long been partners with a matching focus on product innovation and excellence. Working together for more than eight years with a united vision has resulted in an appealing new affiliation. With the two organizations joining together, I am excited for our teams, clients, and partners as we advance Perspective VMS globally.”

Perspective VMS is an intuitive and flexible video management software that supports multi-site monitoring of live or recorded video.  The browser-based software gives the user flexibility to view essential information on any computer workstation. Perspective VMS is currently deployed in physical security projects in the United States, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, and India.

LENSEC and JValley Software Solutions will be attending the ASIS International 2016 Exhibit in Orlando, Florida in September. Security specialists will be demonstrating the power of Perspective VMS for security integrators and customers. The team will be available at Booth #3051 to answer questions about the software or the merger between the companies.

Contact: Keith Harris, Marketing Manager, (512) 913-3907, kharris@lensec.com, www.lensec.com




05.11.2016   Time-Lapse Photography & LENSEC Security Video in One Solution (ARTICLE)

TEMPE, AZ - May 11, 2016 - When you build something exquisite, you want to share it with the world. The marketing team at a luxury automobile manufacturer knew the construction of a new manufacturing plant was a visual feat worth sharing. When they decided they wanted time-lapse photography of the build, they turned to their IT team.

The company’s senior IT manager and an IT systems engineer called on MicroAge.

“They’re growing so fast that everyone is learning on the job, so it helped them to have some counsel,” explains MicroAge’s Jason Chinavare. “They came to me with an idea of what they wanted. For marketing purposes, they wanted the time-lapse footage, and they saw a need for surveillance cameras at the build site, too. But they didn’t know exactly what they needed.”

Chinavere worked with a MicroAge services partner to recommend a solution that included cameras that could meet both the security and marketing needs.

Seven Vicon IQeye Alliance cameras were installed around the build site.

For storage and monitoring software, Chinavere recommended LENSEC.

With LENSEC's Perspective VMS™, the client’s marketing team could remote in to pull the footage or to check the cameras.




12.15.2015   Pflugerville Independent School District Overcomes Security Obstacles in an Enterprise Environment Using LENSEC & Perspective VMS™ (CASE STUDY)

PFLUGERVILLE, TX - December 10, 2015 - LENSEC has partnered with Pflugerville Independent School District to provide a district-wide enterprise surveillance solution at more than 30 campuses in Central Texas.

LENSEC's solution is built on an enterprise software called Perspective VMS™. The VMS is easily scaled for Pflugerville ISD's security system. Easy to use features provide advanced capabilities and power that couldn't be achieved in the district's previous security solution.

In all, Pflugervill ISD now has over 2000 cameras streaming video managed by Perspecitve VMS.

(Case Study)



09.10.2015   LENSEC Releases Perspective VMS™ (Version 2.5.0) Including Several Notable New Features

HOUSTON, TX - September 10, 2015 - LENSEC announces several notable new features in Perspective VMS™ (version 2.5.0). Our latest release is available in September 2015 for installation and world-wide distribution. The new features include enhancements and maintenance items in the Video Management Software.

Notable New Features:

Ability to Import Video from Another Source
•Mobile Phone
•Aerial Drone
•Web Cam

Edge Archiving
•Import Edge Device Recording

New Option in the User Profile Settings
•Define Default Archive Interval & Start Time

Better Admin Control for Camera Configuration
•Default Aspect Ratio
•Multiple Areas in Motion Alert
•Camera Configuration Changes Occur Immediately

Archive Storage Redistribution
•Assess & Redistribute Data to a New Network Location
•Automatic Migration of Video Files to a New Network Location

•Leverage Input Sources from Cameras/Devices to Trigger Workflows

Perspective VMS™ (Version 2.5.0) - Video Release Notes

Perspective VMS™ (Version 2.5.0) - Product Release Notes PDF



10.21.2014   Ottawa University Finds Security Surveillance Success with LENSEC and IQinVision IP Video Solution

HOUSTON, TX - October 21, 2014 - LENSEC and IQinVision are releasing a new case study featuring work completed at Ottawa University in Kansas. The article was completed with the help of Channel Sales Director Mike Brimmer and Gary Williams from Midwest Card and ID Solutions. 

(Case Study)



09.10.2014   LENSEC Experts Interviewed for September Issue of Campus Safety and Security Sales & Integration Magazines

HOUSTON, TX - September 10, 2014 - The September issues of Campus Safety Magazine and Security Sales & Integration Magazine feature an article on security integration in schools. LENSEC's Jeff Kellick, Jamie Bradford, & Keith Harris were interviewed by the magazine as experts in the field. The feature also includes a case study on Ottawa University featuring Mike Brimmer and Gary Williams from Midwest Card and ID Solutions. 

(News Article)




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