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LENSEC has more than a decade of experience as a trusted security and surveillance partner and advisor, with over 1,500 systems in 30 states. From K-12 education and campus safety to critical infrastructure, LENSEC develops systems and strategies tailored to your security and surveillance needs.

LENSEC's premier web-based campus IP Video surveillance software application, LENSEC VMS creates a remarkable, capable, and customizable mult-site application. LENSEC's LENSEC VMS Platform fulfills the requirements for any standardized campus surveillance system as well as those critical needs outside the norm.

The LENSEC VMS campus video surveillance solution is an integrated suite of enterprise-level video surveillance software providing for password authorized, browser-based access from any Internet portal. This advanced Campus Video Surveillance and Management solution allows an authorized user access to any camera, at any facility, from any computer using only a standard Internet browser.

The value of LENSEC's campus security software system resides in the intuitive web based interface that eliminates the training time of responders and reduces the number of security personnel required to maintain security within a facility.

A single enterprise logon provides access to the live view of any camera within two mouse clicks. Camera locations are easily identified on a graphical floor plan of the facility enabling users to not only view and manage the video from any location but to coordinate informed decision and appropriate responses.

LENSEC's campus IP video security software solution is capable of controlling thousands of surveillance servers and cameras from one intuitive map based interface. Each facility's custom map page resembles a fire-escape floor plan, and provides a visual reference for all the cameras installed at your site. The simple act of rolling your mouse over a camera provides a "popup" view of live video at that location.

In addition, LENSEC's Video Surveillance solution is able to integrate with a wide range of enterprise security and facilities systems. LENSEC's unique integration capability links cameras with access control systems providing efficient management of your security operations, for improved response time and more effective allocation of personnel and resources.

- LENSEC VMS Specification Sheet


LENSEC VMS™ (Features and Benefits)

Video Archives -

  • Enhanced interface for intuitive retrieval using thumbnail driven navigation
  • Analytic FastFind™ feature for powerful object search
  • Quick extract tool for off-loading onto long-term storage or removable media

Multi-Level/ Multi-Site Mapping -

  • Real-time situational awareness
  • Unlimited cameras, sites, and maps
  • Dynamic real-time pop up streaming video
  • Ability to custom-configure maps and position vantage points to both pan and zoom for desired visual display
  • Option to view unlimited sites across a distributed architecture

Live View -

  • Option to view any camera from any site in any configuration
  • Integrated PTZ Controls
  • Full-screen viewing
  • Configurable drop-down navigation
Web Based Video Surveillance
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