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Hospitals, research laboratories, and medical offices all face a similar challenge: to protect the safety of patients while preserving their privacy. LENSEC understands this challenge and has developed custom security solutions to meet the industry's rapidly changing needs.

A medical facility or biotechnology campus has time-sensitive and privacy concerns that exceed normal business operations. Hospitals and care centers put a premium on patient care, but must minimize their liabilities while complying with HIPAA rules and accreditation requirements. This presents a challenging environment for today's healthcare practitioner and administrator. Video management technology from LENSEC provides permission structures that guard access to files and help organizations stay compliant with today's strict regulatory environment.

Another area of concern involves physical access to care facilities or secured laboratories. Having accurate audit trails and forensic video archiving allows for compliance to be met and personnel to remain safe.

Installation of IP-Video surveillance is also in line with technology acquisition standards. Most cameras can now connect using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switches that are common-off-the-shelf components for any IT department. Even installation of remote areas, such as an ambulatory wing or remote storage facility, are accessible using wireless nodes. In addition, as a campus stretches to encompass several buildings or sites throughout a region, LENSEC can provide multi-site access allowing administration from a single central Security Operation Center (SOC).

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