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LENSEC's purpose-built security solutions are responsive to first responders with smart-client web-based user and administrative interfaces.

Protecting our nation's physical infrastructure of ports, railways, electricity grids, oil and natural gas storage and distribution systems requires security integration and cooperation among federal, state, and local jurisdictions as well as owners and operators.

Remote video surveillance
Is your current security technology interoperable among all stakeholders?

Perspective VMS™ enables real-time collaboration among team members by allowing users to Share video views and text with others. With remote video surveillance, first responders and operators can analyze fields of view for unusual activity and take proactive measures to maintain safety while rapidly investigating post-incident scenes to determine evidentiary causes and perpetrators. Perspective VMS™ can also play a key role in early detection and bringing real-time video to security professionals. PVMS also serves the needs of electricity operators from small municipal-owned utilities to large bulk-power systems required to meet FERC / NERC CIP standards for physical security.

Capitalize upon the years of experience LENSEC has in video security and combine its software with other technologies in creating a custom solution for your needs.

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