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LENSEC has more than a decade of experience as a trusted security and surveillance partner and advisor, with over 1,500 systems in 30 states. From K-12 education and campus safety to critical infrastructure, LENSEC develops systems and strategies tailored to your security and surveillance needs.

LENSEC's premier video-wall application, Command View works seamlessly with Perspective VMS™ and creates a remarkable, capable, and customizable mult-site application. Together, LENSEC's Command View and Perspective VMS fulfill the requirements for any standardized surveillance application as well as those critical needs outside the norm.

Don't box yourself in. Experience the power of Perspective.

- Command View 2.0 Specification Sheet

Trusted Security and Surveillance Partner -

Command View Video Monitor Platform is the ideal video monitoring / video matrix system. Whether you have a sophisticated video wall or a stand-alone desktop, Command View can integrate into existing IP and analog camera networks. The platform supports an unlimited number of cameras allowing full scalability and enterprise class performance.

Customize camera groups, sites, users, and deployments. Command View is multi-purpose and can be used in many operations style configurations. Deployments of Command View can range from laptops to multi-monitor Security Operations Centers.

Command View
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