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We are able to provide relevant real-world examples of projects where LENSEC has been able to provide superior security solutions for customers in a variety of vertical markets using many different technologies.

For convenience in searching for relevant examples, we have separated examples by the vertical markets list below as well as by technology integration type.


Critical Infrastructure

critical infrastructure  

Critical Infrastructure Sites Need Surveillance To Monitor High Priority Targets

Ports, Dams, Water Utility, Electric Utility, and more can relay on LENSEC to provide dependable solutions with guaranteed backups in place to defend critical infrastructure sites. Since terror attacks are becoming more common, security managers with physical security needs are relying on LENSEC to design dependable solutions that improve awareness of priority targets.


State & Local Government

state & local government  

Municipalities Consolidate Video Security Systems with LENSEC's IP Surveillance

Multiple municipalities in Texas use LENSEC for video surveillance. These communities have their own city governments, police departments, emergency services, water treatment and parks and recreation facilities. Each needed a scalable 21st century solution to provide the necessary security and surveillance services for residents.




Hospitals Rely on IP Video Solutions by LENSEC to Monitor Surveillance Cameras

A health care center in Towson, Maryland is using LENSEC's video wall application to take complete command of its surveillance needs. The 300-bed regional medical center was best able to use the expandability of the LENSEC solution. Management at the hospital highlighted the fact that medical centers are secondary tartgets for terrorists and security is a very serious concern.


Oil & Gas Commercial

oil & gas commercial  

Remote Locations Like Oil Rigs Need Real-Time Surveillance for Security Awareness

Companies providing Oil & Gas products & services need coverage in remote locations with little to no infrastructure. Drilling sites are targets for theft or suspicious activity. The remote nature of the site requires a complex solution. LENSEC helps companies overcome the obstacles and stream real-time video to the remote monitoring location. Now companies can watch their assets, collect valuable evidence, and prosecute criminals quickly.




School Districts Overcome Security Obstacles In An Enterprise Environment

The need for security camera coverage and an adequate enterprise surveillance solution at campuses in the district creates a need for a valid physical security solution in a distributed network system. LENSEC provides solutions for educators in K-12 schools. The solution can cover campuses across a region and stream video for storage at a central location. Our enterprise software, Perspective VMS™, can manage thousands of cameras and provide unique software capabilities that the end-user finds easy to navigate via their web browser.



Higher Education Campuses Find Security Surveillance Success with LENSEC

Several university and college campuses have a long-standing relationship with the LENSEC. We discuss options and present solutions to meet complex needs for video surveillance and physical security. Educators want IP-based systems with crisp image resolution. LENSEC provides cost-effective systems for indoor and outdoor surveillance.


Commercial Properties

commercial properties  

Commercial Properties Monitor Video in Public Areas

Large scale commercial properties use LENSEC to monitor hallways, parking lots, entrances and more. Keeping visitors and employees safe is a priority for security and building management. IP video solutions that are scalable are valuable for these customers. LENSEC can provide solutions appropriate for just a few cameras or thousands spread across remote regions if necessary.


Transportation Fleet

transportation fleet  

Transportation Projects Require a Mobile Video Solution & LENSEC Delivers

LENSEC has hundreds of cameras deployed in school buses. We provide a mobile video solution that can be implemented in any fleet requiring cameras and the ability to record video. Management may monitor fleet activity live in certain deployments or record and archive video locally for review after the vehicle returns to base.


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