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LENSEC's Perspective VMS™ software operates as an open platform using various Common-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components, including network camera technologies and visual sensing devices.

Network (or IP) cameras can communicate using standard Ethernet cable over a traditional TCP/IP Local or Wide Area Network and are an increasingly common and inexpensive component. These cameras provide a high degree of standardization for new installations and/or incremental security upgrades.

Whether you have all IP cameras, legacy analog cameras, or a combination of the two, LENSEC's Perspective VMS™ can provide a common operating interface for viewing, interacting with, or archiving for longer term storage and forensic investigations.

LENSEC recognizes the following IP camera technologies and standards as leaders in the industry. For more information on specific camera products or to contact a LENSEC partner or design engineer, please email us or call today 713.395.0800.

  Pole Install
ACTi Axis IQEye Panasonic Axis
ACTi Corporation Axis Communications IQinVision Panasonic Security VivoTek
  Axis Axis Axis  
  Sony Security Pelco HIK Vision  
Open Network Video
Interface Forum
      Physical Security
Interoperability Alliance
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