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Our Sales Team is dedicated to ensuring the right solution and partnership for our customers. To GET Perspective or if you have any questions, please register or contact one of our representatives by email or call 800.348.4234

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Mike Brimmer
Channel Sales Director
Phone: (512) 900-0332

Jennifer Pittman
Channel Sales Manager (A&E)
Phone (832) 282-0470

Dale Loyd
Channel Sales Engineer
Phone: (414) 336-9403

  Mark Mabee
Regional Sales (Texas)
Phone: (512) 423-9673

Jennifer Carey
Regional Sales (O&G - Texas)
Phone: (832) 571-7426

  Jeremy Beard
Regional Sales (Texas)
Phone: (817) 789-7077
Dan Butler
Operations Manager (Mid-Atlantic)
Phone: (301) 640-1051

Jeff Kellick
Director of Product Management
Phone: (202) 213-4824

  Accounts Payable
LENSEC Accounting Office
Phone: (512) 913-3907
Along with security concerns, agencies need to ensure that the right solution is found through a competitive bid process. LENSEC has addressed these concerns for agencies by listing solutions on several cooperative schedules.
GSA   GSA is one of the three central management agencies in the Federal Government. (The Office of Personnel Management and the Office of Management and Budget are the others.) (excerpt from the GSA website)
Contract Number: GS-35F-0645K

The Local Government Purchasing Cooperative was created to increase the purchasing power of government entities and to simplify their purchasing by using a customized electronic purchasing system, called the BuyBoard.
Contract Number: 364-10


DIR’s Cooperative (Co-op) Contracts program is a streamlined cooperative purchasing program for state and local government, public education, and other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. 
Contract Number: DIR-SDD-2225

The Cooperative Purchasing Network  

The Cooperative Purchasing Network (“TCPN”) assists Region 4 ESC in helping other public agencies and non-profits reap the benefits of national leveraged pricing, with no cost to the member. TCPN leverages one of the largest pools of purchasing potential.
Contract Number: R5230


For more information regarding joint purchasing contracts or buying through schedules, please contact a LENSEC sales professional at or call 800.348.4234
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